We are proud to introduce 

Nova Induction

Design, technology, performance: Moneta NOVA INDUCTION captures everything that contemporary cooking demands.  NOVA INDUCTION features innovative technological characteristics such as: PROTECTION BASE, the technosurface proprietary to MONETA that shields wear of time; INDUCTION BASE that optimizes energy efficiency; and TWIN BLOCK that secures the handle with a double screw.  PROTECTION BASE is a proprietary process consisting of a combination between technosurfaces and layers of microcrystals.  The end result is remarkable increase of durability with anti-adhesive (non-stick) properties.  The INTERIOR COATING features non-stick release, resistance to abrasion, easy-clean and durability.  The handles are soft-touch bakelite and ergonomic in design.  Exterior coating is beautiful black satin non-stick.  NOVA INDUCTION is universally compatible with all cooking surfaces, including induction ranges.  MADE IN ITALY.
We have been very impressed with our sample pan.
Now, you can try this top-quality Italian-made cookware for only $29.99. Come take a look at Moneta Nova Induction today!