Back by popular demand!

Cooks’Wares is proud to offer
Global Cutlery,
by popular demand to chefs and home cooks in the Cincinnati area.

Experience the incomparable balance of Global Cutlery at Cooks'Wares.



Why try Global Cutlery?

Made to the exacting standards of Japanese craftsmen:
Global’s award-winning Classic collection cutlery is an excellent choice for the discerning home cook or professional chef.

  • Global Cutlery’s blades are hand-forged of high-carbon stainless steel, ice-tempered and hardened so they resist corrosion.

  • The perfect balance and lightweight design of Global’s award-winning Classic series knives mean you will have greater control and less hand fatigue.

  • Because each handle features the distinctive dimple pattern, you will have a strong, confident grip.

Why buy at Cooks’Wares?

At Cooks’Wares, we are committed to helping you find the best knife for YOU!
That’s why we carry all the top cutlery lines. Each line of cutlery feels different to each cook. Some are heavier and some are lighter. Every handle is a slightly different size and shape. Because the choice is personal, it’s so important for you to stop in and get a feel for each different cutlery line.
You use your knives every time you cook.
Shouldn’t they be YOUR perfect fit?