Cooking Classes

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About Cooking Classes at Cooks’Wares:

Style: Most of our classes are demonstration style classes so students learn by observing, listening, and asking questions.  The instructors explain the skills and techniques as they demonstrate each step necessary to produce the dishes on the menu.  Students are served a generous tasting of each of those dishes.
Our ‘partial hands-on‘ classes are reserved for when specific skills need to be experienced by students in order to understand and get the feel of them.  Examples include knife skills, pies and pastry, or cake decorating.  Classes are limited to fewer students so more space and attention can be provided to each one.  Cooks’Wares’ workshops are more fully ‘hands on‘; the student capacity is limited and space is maximized.  These include our bread workshops, molded cookie workshops, etc.  These classes may be longer than our typical classes, may be presented over more than one day, and have very distinct goals and objectives.

The ultimate goal for all our classes is for you to feel comfortable applying new skill levels and experimenting with techniques and flavors, so you enjoy being successful and knowledgeable in your kitchen.  Whether you are a more experienced cook or just beginning, we hope that you will continue to add skills and expertise so that cooking is a rewarding experience.

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