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Independent, family-owned, Cooks’Wares has been your local resource for fine kitchenware for 25 years, and counting!  We opened our Harper’s Point store in 1992 to serve the Greater Cincinnati area.  We strive to bring you the finest products for your kitchen, at competitive prices, and presented by knowledgeable and caring staff.

The Shop at Harper’s Point
11344 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Phone: 513-489-6400

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At Cooks’Wares, we continually strive to provide superior service and competitive pricing on reliable, quality merchandise. Our staff members know their way around the kitchen! While providing product information, they’ll be sharing their expertise in cooking techniques and food knowledge.

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Community Support

The Cooks’Wares family takes pride in being a part of the Greater Cincinnati community.  We appreciate the opportunity to support many different organizations that make a difference for all of us.  If you would like us to consider a donation for your cause, please see the information here.

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Now at Cooks'Wares



Now at Cooks'Wares

Sharp knives are easier and safer to work with. A well-balanced, sharp knife does the work for you as you guide it through your meal, fish, vegetables, and fruit.

We will professionally sharpen your fine knives, just $3.50 per blade.
Drop them off and let Cooks’Wares get your edge back.
(Regular blades only. No scissors, cleavers, or serrated edges)



Now at Cooks'Wares

Our coffee club program is a great way to enjoy our fine, always fresh coffee and save money at the same time. Cooks’Wares coffee is available in many different varieties, including light, city, and dark roasts, flavored and un-flavored, decaffeinated or “high-test”.

Make 11 purchases at regular price and the 12th purchase of the same size is on us!