Gadget of the Week

Protect your Perishables!


prolongs produce freshness

Gadget of the Week – Save 20% – July 25th thru July 31st!

*while supplies last*

Using a Bluapple® can extend the life of your
produce up to 3X longer.

Saves money, Prevents waste, Preserves nutrients!

  • Easy to use

  • Refillable

  • Made in the USA

  • BPA free

  • Lasts 3 months


Oink if you love corn!

Pig Corn Holders

Gadget of the Week – Save 20% – July 18th thru July 24th!

*while supplies last*

Regular corn holders take the mess out of eating corn on the cob, but these pig corn holders make it fun too. The “oink” end and the “swish” end of the pig form the handles of the holders, joined by corn in the middle. Whether you like your ear of corn grilled, steamed, or roasted – we guarantee it will be more enjoyable with our playful pig corn holders! 4 Sets

An A-Peeling Deal!

Zyliss Soft Skin Peeler

Gadget of the Week – Save 20% – July 11th thru July 17th!

*while supplies last*

The Zyliss Soft Skin Fruit and Tomato Peeler is ideal for quickly peeling the skin from nectarines, peaches, kiwi and tomatoes without the fuss of blanching them to release the skin. The serrated blade cuts through tough skin and produces minimal waste.

  • Dual serrated blade to quickly peel skin from soft fruit

  • Stainless steel tip to remove blemishes

  • Dishwasher safe

spin cycle

OXO Small Salad and Herb Spinner

Gadget of the Week – Save 20% – July 5th thru July 10th!

*while supplies last*

The classic spinner in a compact, convenient size.

Dry salad greens or herbs with a simple press of the soft, non-slip knob. The non-slip base keeps the bowl steady on the countertop and the built-in brake button stops the Salad Spinner for unloading. The basket doubles as a colander, and the lid comes
apart for easy cleaning. The clear bowl is perfect for serving your salad!

live eco. live smart.

ecosmart purelast measuring spoons

Gadget of the Week – Save 20% – June 27th thru July 3rd!

*while supplies last*

You need these for your top-secret WINNING RECIPE!
Our Bake Sale and Contest is THIS SATURDAY July 1st!!

  • Set of 5

  • Made from 80% bamboo and rice fiber and non-plastic binder

  • Super durable

  • Food safe

  • BPA- and formaldehyde-free

  • Dishwasher safe!

Keep your Cool!

Water Bottle Ice Mold

Gadget of the Week – Save 20% – June 20th thru June 26th!

*while supplies last*

HIC Silicone Ice Cube, Chocolate, Candy, Baking and Craft Mold

  • HIC Silicone Ice Cube Tray and Baking Mold for freezing, baking and molding foods and liquids and making DIY crafts
  • Made from 100-percent pure silicone; FDA-approved, naturally non-stick, heat-resistant (to 500-degrees Fahrenheit), and no fillers
  • Tray measures 8-inches x 4.5-inches -water bottle shaped cavities
  • Freeze water, juice or other beverages, bake brownies, cookies and mini cakes, mold butter, spreads, chocolate, candies, even soaps, candles, and more
  • Hangs for drying and easy storage; safe for freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher for easy cleanup

Inject your foods with flavor and moisture!

Squeeze-n-Flavor Marinade Injector

Gadget of the Week – Save 20% – June 13th thru June 19th!

Father’s Day is Sunday June 18th!!

Squeeze the bulb of the marinade injector and submerge the probe in your chosen marinade or liquid. Make sure the hole is fully submerged and release the bulb; liquid will be sucked up through the probe and into the bulb. When cooking, pierce your meat with the probe (again, making sure the hole is covered), and squeeze the bulb to push the liquid into your meat.



  • Easier to use than syringe-style injectors

  • Holds 2.5 ounces of marinade

  • Fill and inject with one hand

  • Removable rubber bulb for easy cleaning

soak. grill. enjoy.

Set of 4 Cedar Grilling Planks


Gadget of the Week – Save 20% – June 6th thru June 12th!

Perfect for Father’s Day!

Infuse seafood, meat, chicken or vegetables
with subtle smokey flavor.

Camerons’ all natural wood planks allow seafood, meat, chicken and vegetables to roast slowly, basting in their own juices, creating a subtle smokey flavor. No fat or oil needs to be added, as the moisture from the plank keeps your food juicy and flavorful with no nutrient loss.

  1. The Grilling Planks come with full instructions and tasty recipes on the packaging.
  2. They can be used two or three times before discarding.
  3. Contains 4 Cedar planks.
  4. Planks are cut specially to fit in a regular sink for easy soaking.
  5. Made in the USA.
  6. Planks cut to 6 by 12 inches in size so that they fit into a regular sink.

Soak for 20 minutes, then place your fish, meat, poultry or vegetables on the plank and place on the preheated grill. Each plank can be reused two to three times.

Trudeau Flex Pot Clip

Silicone Utensil Pot Clip

Gadget of the Week – Save 20% – May 30th thru June 5th!

This is one of our all-time favorites!

Counter space at a premium? Dreaming of a post-meal clean-up with less mess? Whatever your wish, slip this clip into place on the rim of cookware to keep your counter tops drip-free and clutter-free.

It conveniently cradles the handles of most utensils, making it a space-saving superstar.
When things start to really heat up, the Flex Pot Clip keeps its cool with silicone construction that’s heat resistant up to 428° F. You’ll wonder how you ever got by in the kitchen without it!

  • Holds all sizes of tools
  • Keeps your countertop clean
  • Heat resistant to 482°F-250°C
  • Silicone and stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 5 year warranty


OXO Box Grater

OXO Good Grips Box Grater

Gadget of the Week – Save 20% – May 23rd thru May 28th!

Versatile 4-way grater also catches and stores grated bits.

OXO Box Grater features 4 stainless steel surfaces: 2 wide ones for coarse and medium grating and 2 slimmer ones for fine grating and slicing. A convenient container with non-slip base, measurement markings and lid attaches to the bottom for catching and storing freshly grated ingredients.

  • Sharp, stainless steel blades for easy grating
  • Coarse, medium and fine grating surfaces, and slicing surface
  • Slim construction fits conveniently into drawers
  • Attachable container for catching, measuring and storing freshly grated foods
  • Soft, comfortable non-slip grip
  • Dishwasher safe