Date(s) - 11/14/2017
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The Shops at Harper's Point


While working as a university English professor in a small Oaxacan town, Josh Wamsley found himself learning how to prepare Mexican food such as mollotes con chorizo, enchiladas verdes and other unique items such as Mole Coloradito.  Over the next 10 months he was eating food from his travels to Chiapas, Puebla and Mexico City.  He learned that food was distinctive in those areas, as in many parts of Mexico.  The flavors vary greatly throughout the 31 states in Mexico and the Federal District.  He learned how to navigate the markets from abuelas or grandmothers, friends, students and street vendors. They also gave him access to ancient family recipes that date back centuries, still being used today in Mexican kitchens.  The experience was a true gift to him and as he has stated, “It remains, by far, the most enlightening, and coolest culinary experience of my young life.”

Please join us in welcoming Josh Wamsley back to Cooks’Wares as he shares a unique Mexican menu as part of our Taco Tuesdays mini-series.

  • Homemade Chips and Salsa Verde
  • Pollo Verde Taco
  • Authentic Mexican Pozole
  • Horchata –a Sweet Drink made with Vanilla and Cinnamon